Director since 2015

Kevin and his wife Sandy joined the AXYS Board of Directors in 2015. Sandy has a son, Connor, who was diagnosed at birth with XXY, and they have three other adult children. After attending the 2013 family conference in Denver, Sandy was motivated to start a clinic, like the site in Denver, on the East Coast. Sandy and Kevin spent the next two years helping to spearhead the project at A.I. duPont Nemours Hospital for Children in Wilmington, Delaware. They also started the Mid-Atlantic support group.

Kevin had a 20-year career at a multi-national bank where he was the corporate general auditor.
Prior to that, he worked in public accounting and the oil & gas industry. He holds bachelor’s degrees in accounting and computer science, and passed his CPA exam in Missouri. He has also served on boards for a food bank, a private K-8 school and a data services corporation.