The AXYS Axyon Patient Registry is a groundbreaking development for the AXYS community. This long-term project will provide invaluable information that current and future researchers and clinicians will be able to draw upon to improve the lives of all those diagnosed with an X or Y chromosomal variation.

By joining the registry, you can  provide a wide variety of health data to researchers actively engaged in the field. You can choose to provide information anonymously, or if you are interested in perhaps joining a future clinical study or trial, you can leave contact information so a researcher can contact you if and when a study potentially matches well with your profile. All researchers are carefully screened by AXYS to ensure your full confidence and security.

The registry process takes about 45 minutes, but you do not have to finish it in one session. You can return and pick up exactly where you left off. It’s interactive and easy, and you will consider it time well spent!

Just click the logo below to get started, or call us at AXYS if you would like to discuss it with someone who has completed the process.

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