Memorial and Honorarium Gifts

If you or someone you know wishes to designate AXYS as the recipient of memorial or honorarium gifts in the name of loved ones, friends, or inspiring figures, please make gifts payable to:

AXYS, P.O. Box 861, Mendenhall, PA 19357

Donors may use this printable form.

For memorial services, you may wish to print copies of the form and make them available at the service. If you prefer, AXYS can ship a supply of memorial gift forms and pre-addressed envelopes to you. Please:

  • Email your request to
  • Provide your name, street address and phone number for expedited shipping.
  • Provide the date of the memorial service and the name of the departed person.

AXYS will always send acknowledgements to donors and honorees or their families.

Thank you for thinking of AXYS when you feel moved to recognize a person’s importance in your life.