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The Brain-Behavior Connection In Children with ADHD

Article Title: The Brain-Behavior Connection In Children with ADHD

Author: Joel Nigg, PhD

Date of Publication: 2016

Presentation slides providing information on the neuroscience of attention and emotion as it relates to ADHD. The slides also offer a look at self-regulation of emotions and behavior in individuals with ADHD and how much variability there is in this condition from one child to the next.

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Emory’s Sharron Close Started Clinic for Patients with X & Y Chromosome Variations

AXYS Editor’s Note: AXYS was excited to see this article in the Atlanta Business Chronicle. Dr. Close serves as the chair of the AXYS Professional Advisory Committee and her Atlanta clinic was one of the original clinics in the AXYS Clinic & Research Consortium (ACRC). Her dedication and insight into X and Y variations was already well-known in the community and the guidance that she provides the AXYS organization is invaluable.

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