Every two years, AXYS sponsors a conference that brings together those with an extra X or Y chromosome variation, their parents or other family members, researchers, medical professionals and others. The conference features individual presentations, panel discussions, and plentiful opportunity for informal discussion and support on a wide range of matters relevant to our members and friends. Much of the material is of a timeless nature that can be highly informative and helpful to those new to the field.



2015 AXYS Family Conference Presentations

2015 State of the Science: Updates in X&Y Chromosome Variation Research

The Endocrinology of Klinefelter Syndrome Throughout Childhood

For Better or For Worse: Environmental Factors and Individuals with an Extra X Chromosome

Work Incentives for People with Disability Benefits

Sex Chromosome Variation: Genes, Environment, Brain and Behavior

Learning Problems: Viewed Through a Life Course Lens with an AXYS Slant

47,XXY: Hormonal Manipulation and Preservation of Fertility

Executive Functioning: How to Help Children with Challenging Behavior

Introduction to the Americans with Disabilities Act

Government Benefits for Adults with X and Y Chromosome Variations

Sex And Gender: What the Data Tells Us About Klinefelter Syndrome

Endocrine Management of Klinefelter Syndrome in Adulthood

Infants and Children with Klinefelter Syndrome: Hormones and Development

The Cognitive and Behavioral Phenotype Of 47,XXY And 47,XXX: A Neuropsychological Approach

Neurodevelopment from Birth to Young Adulthood in X&Y Chromsome Variations

Living With Loss and Grief

Powerpoint Presentations From the 2013 Conference



Sharron Close, PhD Family Management Style and Diagnosis Disclosure in Klinefelter Syndrome: Preliminary Findings
Sharron Close, PhD Columbia University & Yale University – Research Update (Panel)
Sharron Close, PhD When Others Don’t Get It
Jackie Frazier, MA, SLP-CCC Speech-Language Intervention: Goals and Expectations, Early intervention through High School
Sydney Martin, MS OTR Occupational Therapy Treatment Across the age span
Phyllis Quatman; Gary Glissman Legal and Law Enforcement Issues
Rebecca Wilson, PsyD, Erin Gorman Bozorgpour, PhD, Jamie Blume, PsyD Behavioral Considerations for XY Chromosome Differences
Christa Hutaff-Lee, PhD Supporting the Development of Planning and Org Skills
R. Maria R. Ochoa, LCSW Strategic Planning & Resources for Crisis Prevention and Intervention
Pravin Rao, MD  XXY and Fertility – and introduction to Johns Hopkins Klinefelter Syndrome Center
Ram Raj Singh, MD X/Y chromosome variations & Immune System Health
Ram Raj Singh, MD UCLA Research Update (Panel)
Phillip S Zeitler, M.D. PhD A Brief overview of endocrine issues in Klinefelter syndrome
Phillip S Zeitler, M.D. PhD Endocrine Issues Related to X and Y Chromosome Variations
Jeannie Visootsak, MD, FAAP Streams of Development and Behavior in XXY
Jeannie Visootsak, MD, FAAP Health and Development in XYY Syndrome