In 2015, the AXYS Board of Directors voted to approve funds to help develop the AXYS Clinic and Research Consortium (ACRC). This exciting development committed us to help organize, fund and build out a clinic consortium that will operate as independent clinics committed to collaborating with one another, sharing informational resources, and exploring opportunities to participate in joint research projects. In addition, AXYS organizes annual meetings of the consortium at which members meet to discuss topics important to the X and Y variation community.

The goal of AXYS is to ensure that all families impacted by any of the chromosome variations have access to the best available evaluation, treatment or treatment recommendations. The AXYS Clinic & Research Consortium is an important means of achieving that goal.

For help in determining which clinic might be most appropriate for you or your family, please read the following and/or call us at 1-888-999-9428.

Types of Clinics

Due to the many X and Y chromosome variations, not all clinics offer services for all conditions. Below is a listing of ACRC clinics. The specific conditions and patient ages served by the clinic are noted in the description.

Multidisciplinary Clinics

Some clinics are multidisciplinary in their services. A multidisciplinary clinic provides a comprehensive, integrated approach to caring for individuals. Patient visits are organized to provide access to all necessary medical, psychological, and therapy disciplines in one visit. Professionals then meet, discuss each case, then collaborate to develop a fully coordinated care plan tailored to the patient. Some clinics also provide “take-home” materials for local medical, therapy and school professionals. Please review each clinic’s website and/or description of its services for information regarding its specific approach to seeing patients. If you’re unsure about the types of services provided, be sure to ask at the time you schedule your appointment.

Los Angeles, CA (Southern)
Cedars Sinai Hospital: eXemplarY Kids Clinic
X and Y variations seen: All
Ages seen: Birth to 21
Medical Director: Co-Directors: Yana J. Tavyev MD and B. Michelle Schweiger, DO, MPH
Ludmila Zaytsev, Ph.D., Pediatric Neuropsychologist
Appointments/Clinic Coordinator: Margaret Au, MBE, MS, CGC
310 423-7779 (appointments) / 310-423-9935 (clinic coordinator) / 310 423-7940 (office)
Hospital website

Stanford, CA (Northern)
Stanford University School of Medicine
X and Y variations seen: All
Ages seen: Children and Young Adults
Medical Director: David Hong, MD
Appointments: Clinic Coordinator: Reiko Riley
Hospital website

Denver, CO
Children’s Hospital Colorado: eXtraordinarY Kids Clinic
X and Y variations seen: All
Ages seen: Birth to young adulthood
Medical Director: Nicole Tartaglia, MD
Clinic Coordinator: Susan Howell, MS, MBA, CGC
Appointments: 720-777-8361 or
Clinic website

Wilmington, DE
Nemours Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children: eXtraordinarY Kids Clinic
X and Y variations seen: All
Ages seen: Prenatal to young adulthood
Medical Director: Judith Ross, MD
Appointments/Clinic Coordinator: Karen Kowal: 215-955-9008,
Clinic website   Clinic brochure

Atlanta, GA
Emory University: The eXtraordinarY Clinic at Emory […]

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Research and Clinical Trials


Toward Better Diagnosis and Treatments

Research is the lifeblood of all medical conditions that stand to be improved as we learn more about them. No serious advance can be made against diseases without carefully constructed scientific research. Research helps raise awareness, inspire hope, and lead to early diagnosis and effective treatments.

Many studies on X and Y variations take place simultaneously at research centers around the world. If you want to know more about individual studies, scroll down the page and click on the website or email links directing you, or simply follow the instructions listed for each study.

If you are new to these conditions and the nature of clinical trials, click here for more information.

Post New Trials

If you are the Principal Investigator or other responsible person for a study that you believe may be applicable to one or more of the X and Y variations that AXYS serves, we would be happy to post information concerning your research on our website.

Click here for more information.

Specific Research Announcements

For a regularly updated list of specific research recruiting announcements that are open and actively recruiting families, please click here.

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Prior Conferences

Every two years, AXYS sponsors a conference that brings together those with an extra X or Y chromosome variation, their parents or other family members, researchers, medical professionals and others. The conference features individual presentations, panel discussions, and plentiful opportunity for informal discussion and support on a wide range of matters relevant to our members and friends. Much of the material is of a timeless nature that can be highly informative and helpful to those new to the field.

2017 AXYS Family Conference, Aurora, Colorado

2015 AXYS Family Conference, Baltimore, Maryland

Powerpoint Presentations From the 2013 Conference



Sharron Close, PhD Family Management Style and Diagnosis Disclosure in Klinefelter Syndrome: Preliminary Findings
Sharron Close, PhD Columbia University & Yale University – Research Update (Panel)
Sharron Close, PhD When Others Don’t Get It
Jackie Frazier, MA, SLP-CCC Speech-Language Intervention: Goals and Expectations, Early intervention through High School
Sydney Martin, MS OTR Occupational Therapy Treatment Across the age span
Phyllis Quatman; Gary Glissman Legal and Law Enforcement Issues
Rebecca Wilson, PsyD, Erin Gorman Bozorgpour, PhD, Jamie Blume, PsyD Behavioral Considerations for XY Chromosome Differences
Christa Hutaff-Lee, PhD Supporting the Development of Planning and Org Skills
R. Maria R. Ochoa, LCSW Strategic Planning & Resources for Crisis Prevention and Intervention
Pravin Rao, MD  XXY and Fertility – and introduction to Johns Hopkins Klinefelter Syndrome Center
Ram Raj Singh, MD X/Y chromosome variations & Immune System Health
Ram Raj Singh, MD UCLA Research Update (Panel)
Phillip S Zeitler, M.D. PhD A Brief overview of endocrine issues in Klinefelter syndrome
Phillip S Zeitler, M.D. PhD Endocrine Issues Related to X and Y Chromosome Variations
Jeannie Visootsak, MD, FAAP Streams of Development and Behavior in XXY
Jeannie Visootsak, MD, FAAP Health and Development in XYY Syndrome
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