One of the most common questions to the AXYS Help Line is to request health care provider recommendations by geographical region. AXYS has promoted development of the Clinic and Research Consortium but also recognizes the need to maintain a listing of local providers for the X and Y Variation community. The directory is built by those who submit the name and contact information of providers who have shown interest and competence in gaining clinical expertise in X and Y variations. Providers submitted to the Professional Directory must be licensed in their state in their particular area of practice. AXYS cannot vet providers and cannot specifically recommend these professionals.


View a list of medical and other types of professionals who are known to provide services to those with an X or Y variation.

Submit the information of a professional to be added to the directory (Note: The submission will be added to the directory only after being reviewed by AXYS staff)


Please also be sure to always check the AXYS Clinic & Research Consortium (ACRC) page to see if there is a clinic within a reasonable distance of you.

Please inform AXYS via if you become aware of any changes to the provider’s service.

­Disclaimer: AXYS maintains a directory of healthcare providers and education advocates as a service to the X and Y Variation Community.  These names are provided by members of the community.  AXYS makes no representations or warranties regarding their clinical competencies or specialized knowledge regarding sex chromosome aneuploidy. AXYS reserves the right to edit the submitter’s comments.