AXYS Board of Directors and staff members are dedicated to the mission of AXYS and to our X and Y variation community. While election to the board is an honor, members also have important legal and fiduciary responsibilities that require a commitment of time, skill and resources. The ideal board member is strongly committed to AXYS’s mission and vision, and has the interest, skills, and resources that will fuel the organization’s growth.


Erin Frith, Chair since 2023, Director since 2014 – Contact Erin

Erin Torres, Vice Chair since 2023, Director since 2020 – Contact Erin

Gail Decker, Secretary since 2022, Acting Treasurer since 2023, Director since 2017 – Contact Gail


Hannah Acevedo, Director since 2018 – Contact Hannah

Dalene Basden, Director since 2020 – Contact Dalene

Jennifer Chapdelaine, Director since 2022 – Contact Jennifer

Melanie Flyte, Director since 2023 – Contact Melanie

Jessica Grove, Director since 2024 – Contact Jessica

Kelsey Maffei, Director since 2024 – Contact Kelsey

Andrea Millett, Director since 2019 – Contact Andrea

John Sloss, Director since 2020 – Contact John


Rick Frith, Communications Manager – Contact Rick