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Transition to Adulthood for Individuals with X and Y VariationsBooth and Cover2024
Evidence-based recommendations for delivering the diagnosis of X&Y chromosome multisomies in children, adolescents, and young adults: an integrative reviewRiggan, Ormond, Allyse, and Close2024
Supernumerary sex chromosome abnormalities – new developments and future trajectories - A summary of the 2022 3rd International Workshop on Klinefelter syndrome, XYY and Trisomy XGravholt, Ferlin, Gromoll, Juul, Raznahan, Van Rijn, Rogol, Skakkebæk, Tartaglia, and Swaab2023
Associations of psychiatric disorders with sex chromosome aneuploidies in the Danish iPSYCH2015 dataset: a case-cohort studySánchez, Montalbano, Vaez, Krebs, Byberg-Grauholm, Mortensen, Børglum, Hougaard, Nordentoft, Geschwind, Buil, Schork, Thompson, Raznahan, Helenius, Werge, and Ingason2023
Deep phenotypic analysis of psychiatric features in genetically defined cohorts: application to XYY syndromeRau, Schaffer, Liu, Fish, Mankiw, Xenophontos, Clasen, Joseph, Thurm, Blumenthal, Bassett, and Torres2023
Understanding the phenotypic spectrum and family experiences of XYY syndrome: Important considerations for genetic counselingJodarski, Duncan, Torres, Gore, Raznahan, and Similuk2023
Increasing Awareness of Sex Chomosome TrisomiesTorres, Raznahan, Blumenthal, Meerschaert, and Colella2023
Association of Supernumerary Sex Chromosome Aneuploidies With Venous ThromboembolismBerry, Finucane, Myers, Abril, Kirchner, Ledbetter, Martin, and Oetjens2023
Quality of life in men with Klinefelter Syndrome – a multicentre studyFranik, Fleischer, Kortmann, Stikkelbroek, D’Hauwers, Bouvattier, Slowikowska-Hilczer, Grunenwald, Van de Grift, Cartault, Richter-Unruh, Reisch, Thyen, IntHout, and Claahsen-van der Grinten2023
The emotional journey of adapting to prenatally identified trisomy XThompson, Tisher, Davis, Miller, Kirk, Tartaglia, and Howell2023
Sex chromosome aneuploidies and fertility: 47,XXY, 47,XYY, 47,XXX and 45,X/47,XXXRogol2023
Executive Dysfunction in Klinefelter Syndrome: Associations With Brain Activation and Testicular FailureFoland-Ross, Ghasemi, Lozano Wun, Aye, Kowal, Ross, and Reiss2023
Exploring Academic and Character Strengths in Students with Sex Chromosome AneuploidiesThompson, Davis, Takamatsu, Howell, and Tartaglia2022
Early Preventive Intervention for Young Children With Sex Chromosome Trisomies (XXX, XXY, XYY): Supporting Social Cognitive Development Using a Neurocognitive Training Program Targeting Facial Emotion UnderstandingBouw, Swaab, and van Rijn2022
‘I Wish the School Had a Better Understanding of the Diagnosis’: parent perspectives on educational needs of students with SCAsThompson, Stinnett, Tartaglia, Davis, and Janusz2022
Early Social Behavior in Young Children with Sex Chromosome Trisomies (XXX, XXY, XYY): Profiles of Observed Social Interactions and Social Impairments Associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)Bouw, Swaab, Tartaglia, Cordeiro, and van Rijn2022
Detection and characterization of male sex chromosome abnormalities in the UK Biobank studyZhao, Gardner, Tuke, Zhang, Pietzner, Koprulu, Jia, Ruth, Wood, Beaumont, Tyrrell, Jones, Lango Allen, Day, Langenberg, Frayling, Weedon, Perry, Ong, and Murray2022
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Emotional reactivity and expressivity in young children with sex chromosome trisomies: evidence from psychophysiological and observational dataKuiper, Swaab, Tartaglia, Cordeiro, and van Rijn2022
Klinefelter syndrome: going beyond the diagnosisButler, Srirangalingam, Faithfull, Sangster, Senniappan, and Mitchell2022
Early symptoms of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in 1–8 year old children with sex chromosome trisomies (XXX, XXY, XYY), and the predictive value of joint attentionBouw, Swaab, Tartaglia, Wilson, van der Velde, and van Rijn2022
Association between domains of quality of life and patients with Klinefelter syndrome: a systematic reviewMehmet, Gillard, Jayasena, and Llahana2022
Noninvasive prenatal screening (NIPS) results for participants of the eXtraordinarY babies study: Screening, counseling, diagnosis, and discordanceHowell, Davis, Thompson, Brown, Tanda, Kowal, Alston, Ross, and Tartaglia2022
Klinefelter Syndrome: What should we tell prospective parents?White, Zacharin, Fawcett, and McGillivray2022
Positive predictive value of noninvasive prenatal testing for sex chromosome abnormalitiesGuo, Cai, Lin, Xue, Huang, and Xu2022
Delaying testicular sperm extraction in 47,XXY Klinefelter patients does not impair the sperm retrieval rate, and AMH levels are higher when TESE is positiveRenault, Labrune, D’Estaing, Cuzin, Lapoirie, Benchaib, Lornage, Soignon, De Souza, Dijoud, Fraison, Pral-Chatillon, Bordes, Sanlaville, Schluth-Bolard, Salle, Ecochard, Lejeune, and Plotton2022
Early impact of X- and Y-chromosome variations (XXX, XXY, XYY) on social communication and social emotional development in 1–2-year-old childrenBouw, Swaab, Tartaglia, Jansen, and Van Rijn2022
Triple X syndrome: Psychiatric disorders and impaired social functioning as a risk factorOtter, Campforts, Stumpel, Van Amelsvoort, and Drukker2022
Population-based Assessment of Cardiometabolic-related Diagnoses in Youth With Klinefelter Syndrome: A PEDSnet StudyDavis, Nokoff, Furniss, Pyle, Valentine, Fechner, Ikomi, Magnusen, Nahata, Vogiatzi, and Dempsey2022
Recommendations to improve the patient experience and avoid bias when prenatal screening/testingMeredith, Brackett, Diaz, Freeman, Huggins, Khan, Leach, Levitz, Michie, Onufer, Skotko, Smith, White, Waller, and Ayers2022
What’s missing in sex chromosome aneuploidies? Representation and inclusionMehmet, McDonald, Saldarriaga, Pineros-Leano, and Dwyer2022
Variegation of autism related traits across seven neurogenetic disordersLee, Niu, Zhang, Clasen, Kozel, Smith, Wallace, and Raznahan2022
Clinical, Cognitive and Neurodevelopmental Profile in Tetrasomies and Pentasomies: A Systematic ReviewRicciardi, Cammisa, Bove, Picchiotti, Spaziani, Isidori, Aceti, Giacchetti, Romani, and Sogos2022
In Vitro Propagation of XXY Undifferentiated Mouse Spermatogonia: Model for Fertility Preservation in Klinefelter Syndrome PatientsGaldon, Deebel, Zarandi, Pettenati, Kogan, Wang, Swerdloff, Atala, Lue, and Sadri-Ardekani2021
Recent advancement in the treatment of boys and adolescents with hypogonadismRey2021
Social Management Training in Males With 47,XXY (Klinefelter Syndrome): A Pilot Study of a Neurocognitive-Behavioral Treatment Targeting Social, Emotional, and Behavioral ProblemsMartin, Van Rijn, Bierman, and Swaab2021
Social functioning and emotion recognition in adults with triple X syndromeOtter, Crins, Campforts, Stumpel, Van Amelsvoort, and Vingerhoets2021
Incidence of gynaecomastia in Klinefelter syndrome adolescents and outcome of testosterone treatmentButler2021
Cortical gray matter structure in boys with Klinefelter syndromeFoland-Ross, Gil, Shrestha, Chromik, Hong, and Reiss2021
The Need for Greater Awareness of Sex Chromosome VariationsTorres2021
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