One universal characteristic of virtually all parents of children born with a genetic condition is an insatiable desire for any and all information they can obtain that may help shed the light of understanding on their child’s condition. AXYS staff and board members understand that only too well, as most of them are parents of such children themselves. That is why we seek out helpful information resources whenever and wherever we can find them, in whatever medium they appear.

The video links below have been carefully screened by AXYS community members and have been provided here in the hope they will help parents deepen their understanding of their child’s condition. The videos may not address all conditions, but as new productions become available, we will review and post them as soon as is practical.

The links will take you directly to the AXYS YouTube channel that houses all the videos we have reviewed and recommended for the various audiences we serve. We hope you find them useful.

Conference and webinar presenters share their professional and personal opinions and experiences. These opinions and experiences are the presenters’ own and do not necessarily represent the AXYS organization.