AXYS exists only through the dedication and commitment of those who support it in any and all the ways they can. In some cases, that support is financial, in others, it involves direct volunteer service to the organization.

Still others are able to contribute in both ways. Whatever your resources, time or skill, we are happy and honored to have your support, and we will do our very utmost to continue earning it.

With the exception of our Executive Director, AXYS’s leadership is comprised of volunteers. Volunteer efforts are critical to our ability to operate effectively. That gives every person a true opportunity to make a major difference in the organization. This is a place where you can see the direct fruits of your labor.

Whether your aptitudes and interests run to governance, communications, event planning, fundraising, grant-writing, computers, administrative assistance, social media, criminal justice, or much more, there is a place for you here.

We are also continually on the lookout for individuals interested in participating in local support groups or who have the time and drive to start a new one in communities where none currently exist.

Everyone has something to offer.

If you’d consider assisting in any way, please contact us. You will be asked to complete a Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement. To get started, send us an email. Tell us a little about your specific areas of interest and related experience, and we will gladly put your skills and interests to work advancing AXYS’s mission. Thank you!