The following medical professionals have agreed to serve on the AXYS Professional Advisory Committee (PAC), charged with advising the AXYS board and staff on an as-needed basis:

Sharron Close, PhD (Chair), Emory University

Ricki Lewis, PhD, Adjunct Professor of Medical Education, Alden March Bioethics Institute, Albany Medical College

Susan Howell MS, CGC, MBA, Genetic Counselor and Coordinator, The eXtraordinarY Kids Clinic, Colorado Children’s Hospital

Jeannie Visootsak, MD, Developmental Pediatrician

Nicole Tartaglia, MD, Associate Professor, University of Colorado Medical School

Amy Talboy, MD, Emory University Department of Human Genetics

Sheryl Rimrodt, MD, Developmental Pediatrician

Ilene Fennoy, MD, MPH, Professor, Columbia University School of Medicine

Judith Ross, MD, Professor, Thomas Jefferson School of Medicine, Columbia University School of Medicine

Alan Rogol, MD, Pediatric Endocrinology University of Virginia (retired)

Adrian Dobs, MD, Professor, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Robyn Robinson, CPNP-PC, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and Parent/Advocacy Leader

Allan Reiss, MD, Robbins Professor and Director, Stanford University Center for Interdisciplinary Brain Sciences Research

Arlene Smaldone, PhD, CPNP-PC, Assistant Dean of Scholarship and Research, Columbia University School of Nursing

Lois Sadler, PhD, PNP-BC, FAAN Professor, Yale School of Nursing

Virginia Cover, MSW, MPH, Social Worker, Parent and Author

Eric Viliain, MD, PhD, Professor of Human Genetics, Pediatrics and Urology, University of California, Los Angeles

Kristy Martyn, PhD, PNP-PC, FAAN Professor of Nursing, Nel Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing

David Marcus, PhD, Assistant Professor Neuropsychology Emory University