Article Title: Advances in the Interdisciplinary Care of Children with Klinefelter Syndrome

Authors: Shanlee Davis, MD; Susan Howell, MS, CGC, MBA; Rebecca Wilson, PsyDc; Tanea Tanda, BS; Judy Ross, MD; Philip Zeitler, MD, PhD; Nicole Tartaglia, MD, MS

Date of Publication: August 2016

“In summary, KS is a common but underdiagnosed genetic condition with significant phenotypic variability in childhood. The pediatrician needs to be aware of the increased risk for neurodevelopmental, psychological, and medical conditions that are associated with an additional X-chromosome. Over the next decade, we anticipate a sharp increase in diagnoses rates with advances in genetics, particularly prenatal and neonatal diagnoses. In the United States, more multidisciplinary clinics are being established to provide comprehensive care for children and adults with KS and other sex chromosome variations. More research is needed to further define the natural history of KS in infancy and childhood with these unbiased populations, as well as understand genetic and environmental contributors to phenotypic variability and determine best practice screening and management guidelines for boys with KS.”

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