Article Title: Effects of short‐course androgen therapy on the neurodevelopmental profile of infants and children with 49,XXXXY syndrome

Authors: Carole A. Samango‐Sprouse, Andrea L Gropman, Teresa Sadeghin, Madison Kingery, Margaret Lutz‐Armstrong, Alan D. Rogol

Date of Publication: March 1, 2011

“The aim of this investigation was to ascertain whether an early course of androgen treatment (three injections testosterone enanthate, 25 mg) could have a positive impact on any domains of neurodevelopmental function in boys with 49,XXXXY.

Our findings revealed improved function in several areas of development which had been severely delayed in boys with 49,XXXXY. Continued research is underway to expand our understanding of the relationship of androgen, brain function and behavioural outcome in boys with 49,XXXXY.”