The Learning Needs of Boys With KS – Information for Teachers & Parents

//The Learning Needs of Boys With KS – Information for Teachers & Parents

The Learning Needs of Boys With KS – Information for Teachers & Parents

Published by: Klinefelter’s Syndrome Association (UK), 2004

Recent years have seen the tide turning in the ways that boys with Klinefelter’s Syndrome (KS) have settled down at school, this is reflected in the statistics of the Klinefelter’s Syndrome Association survey which pointed out that whilst virtually no adults had attended special schools as children, the figure had risen to around 1 in 3 by 1999. There is still a long way to go; many parents still feel the frustration of battling out for help against cashstrapped education authorities, and many teachers long for insight into the minds of boys with complex needs.

It is true that many boys with Klinefelter’s Syndrome go on to lead quite normal lives, many are unaware that Klinefelter’s Syndrome exists, but it seems that all could have had a better experience of school if the appropriate conditions were in place. How many thousands of KS boys have slipped through schools and been written off, failing to grasp at what comes more naturally to other boys. It is evident, through the testimonies of men who have a diagnosis of KS in adulthood that they all feel they would better fit the model for normal adulthood if school had been successful to them. The men, although often finding success in much later years, feel let down and cast out by a system that is supposed to detect and address learning blocks. Many KS boys leave school with low self-esteem feeling anger, failure, injustice, bullied and outcast.

Research has shown that boys with KS are nearly twice as likely to have maladjusted schooling, and around 2½ times more likely to have education achievement disorders. Yet throughout, it has been shown that appropriate intervention at the earliest stage will significantly reduce problems, boost achievement and ultimately lead to improved self-esteem.

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