The database of CHROMOSOMAL VARIATION IN MAN consists of a systematic collection of important citations from the world’s literature reporting on all common and rare chromosomal alterations, phenotypes, and abnormalities in humans. The database is organized by variations and anomalies, numerical anomalies, and chromosomal breakage syndromes. It contains over 24,000 entries updated continuously since 1974.

This search tool does not hyperlink to cited articles, but it does provide all necessary information to enable one to find the material using conventional internet search tools.  Filtering also makes it possible to conduct complex searches in the database.

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As with any database, some precision in search terms is required.  For example, “XXY” returns nothing, but “47,XXY” returns numerous articles.

Also note that use of terms such as “aberration” and “…in ‘Man’ ” may not fit well in our situation or be a bit politically incorrect.  The database covers a very broad spectrum of conditions, and it was founded in 1974 when such terminology was state of the art.