Some with 47,XXY question their gender identity. These individuals feel the influence of the extra X and do not feel as if they are male. These individuals may avoid therapy for hypogonadism…typically testosterone hormone replacement therapy…in favor of estrogen or no HRT at all.

Some with 47,XXY use the term “intersex” to describe how they feel. But some in the scientific community question their use of this term, because its scientifically accepted application applies to those born with ambiguous genitalia…not clearly male or female.  Some scientists prefer the use of the term “transgender” to describe individuals with 47,XXY who do not identify as male.  “Transgender” also carries sometimes confusing connotations.

Terminology aside, there is a significant number of individuals with 47,XXY who identify as a different gender. AXYS respects and embraces this diversity.

Meanwhile, there is a larger, worldwide conversation about intersex that is focused on those with ambiguous genitalia. Our friends in the intersex community asked that we share this movie trailer. It focuses on issues related to the one in 2000 individuals who are born with ambiguous genitalia.
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Some of the birth images are explicit.