Post Your Clinical Trial Information

In order to submit information about your research study or clinical trial, simply send us an email message requesting AXYS’s support to recruit participants in your study. Please direct all inquiries via email. AXYS’s toll-free number is dedicated to our Helpline, and all calls go to voice-mail for triage by our Helpline volunteers.

For your initial contact, please provide:
1.  Approved IRB
2.  Additional description of your study for use by AXYS’s Research Committee
3.  Outline of all details about the research project, including those affecting study volunteers
4. Condition(s) being studied

• Age range and gender(s) of prospective subjects
• Location of study
• Compensation and/or expense reimbursements offered to volunteers
• Any other details about how participation in the study may benefit individual volunteers
• Expected duration of the study and/or volunteer participation goals
• Primary contact for information about logistics and other details
• Details about researcher(s) and the institution hosting the research
• Any other pertinent details regarding the study

Please also provide a draft marketing announcement AXYS can use to communicate your recruitment efforts.  Click here to view samples posted on our website.

All requests for study recruitment support will be submitted for review by AXYS’s Research Committee.  In some cases, researchers may be contacted for additional information.

If your study is approved, AXYS will post your recruitment announcement on our website, and we will broadcast a message to members encouraging participation in your study. Since IRB approval typically must be renewed annually, researchers are also required to renew their requests for volunteer recruitment annually. Announcements will be set to automatically expire on the date the IRB expires. It is the sole responsibility of the researcher to renew in a timely manner. Please allow 30 days for renewal.

Please note that posting information concerning research studies and clinical trial information on the AXYS website is meant solely as a resource to the communities we serve. Posting such information does not imply any endorsement by AXYS of the research study or trial, nor of the intervention(s) or treatment(s) being studied, the study sponsors or its source(s) of funding. Each study participant (or a parent of each minor child) who is considering taking part in such research is encouraged to speak to his or her personal doctor before making any decisions about participating in a research study or clinical trial.