Article Title: Puberty-related influences on brain development

Authors: J.N. Giedd, L.S. Clasen, R. Lenroot, D. Greenstein, G.L. Wallace, S. Ordaz, E.A. Molloy, J.D. Blumenthal, J.W. Tossell, C. Stayer, C.A. Samango-Sprouse, D. Shen, C. Davatzikos, D. Merke, G.P. Chrousos

Date of Publication: January 9, 2006

Puberty is a time of striking changes in cognition and behavior. To indirectly assess the effects of puberty-related influences on the underlying neuroanatomy of these behavioral changes we will review and synthesize neuroimaging data from typically developing children and adolescents and from those with anomalous hormone or sex chromosome profiles.”

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