Article Title: Thinking outside the square: considering gender in Klinefelter syndrome and 47, XXY

Authors: A. S. Herlihy and L. Gillam

Date of Publication: 2011

“Ultimately, we decided that the goal of our research was to look at KS as a genetic condition affecting males, and not just the karyotype XXY, which may manifest in different ways for a small number of people. With little evidence in the literature to guide clinicians as to the gender profiles of people with XXY, the best practice is to approach each patient with an open mind (Gillam et al., 2010). However, this issue begs further exploration: Should individuals with an XXY karyotype who do not identify as male be considered to have KS? In addition, how should individuals with an XXY karyotype who do identify as male, but do not wish to become more masculine, be informed of the possible consequences of lifelong testosterone deficiency, whilst maintaining respect for the patient’s choice? This is an area of endocrinology that would benefit from further discussion and collation of clinical experience. Research into the range of karyotypes and their possible corresponding phenotypes, in addition to the current difficulties experienced by these people, would be beneficial.”

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