Article Title: Understanding and Modifying the Behavior of Boys with XXYY: A Guide for Parents and Professionals

Author: Karen Riley, PhD

Date of Publication: 2007

This paper was originally commissioned by the XXYY Project.  At the urging of Dr. Riley, the XXYY Project has generously shared their valuable “Behavior Paper” with AXYS.

While this paper focuses on the behavioral profile of XXYY, it will prove very valuable for any child who is experiencing behavior issues.  This paper provides step-by-step instructions for coping with behavioral issues that many children with X and Y chromosome variations may experience to one degree or another.

We urge you to review this document and generally substitute your child’s condition for XXYY.  In most cases, the fit is very good.

Once again, we offer our sincere thanks to the XXYY Project for sharing this important work with the AXYS community.

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