Information for Parents

The fastest way to reach a volunteer is by email: If you must call because you don’t have e-mail, please note: The XXYY Project helpline is managed through our sponsor organization, AXYS and forwarded to the XXYY Project volunteer. AXYS serves people with all X & Y chromosome variations (Klinefelter Syndrome, Trisomy X, XYY). When you call, please make sure you state that you are calling about XXYY specifically. Your information will be given to a volunteer who will call you back when they are available, which may not be quickly. PLEASE DO NOT EXPECT IMMEDIATE CALL BACK AND PLEASE DO NOT KEEP CALLING WHEN YOU DON’T GET IMMEDIATE CALL BACK. Our volunteers work full-time jobs. Before they call you back, they frequently need time to find the answer to your question. 

Phone (Helpline): 1-267-338-4262

Outside U.S. / Canada: email if you have been in contact with us before, the XXYY Project provides the majority of our support through our private Facebook Parents and Caregivers group. Specific questions about how to deal with particular issues should be asked there, not by calling or emailing us directly.  Our volunteers have limited time and are not able to provide extensive 1:1 assistance. Please email us to ask to join the Facebook group.

Information about the XXYY Project

NOTE: The XXYY Project is now under the umbrella of AXYS

For inquiries regarding the XXYY Project organization, please contact Gail Decker, XXYY Project Representative, AXYS Board of Directors.


Phone: 1-267-338-4262 (Helpline)

The XXYY Project
c/o AXYS
PO Box 253
Church Hill, MD 21623

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