Conference Privacy and Confidentiality

Participating in a virtual event means that our sessions are broadcast via the internet. If wish to protect your privacy feel free to:

  • Change your name on Zoom prior to entering each session. Click on the 3 dot menu and select rename. You can use only a first name, initials or create a moniker.
  • Turn off your camera.
  • Ask questions or make comments directly to the AXYS volunteer or staff member in the chat or in the Q&A instead of speaking. The AXYS team is happy to ask questions anonymously on your behalf.

The AXYS Community is built on trust therefore we expect everyone who attends our Virtual Conference to respect the privacy of all attendees. Comments made in the conference, stay in the conference. Attendees may be sharing personal information that is not intended to be shared beyond the AXYS community.

Do not take screen shots, record sessions or save chats.