Article Title: Quality of life in men with Klinefelter syndrome: the impact of genotype, health, socioeconomics, and sexual function

Authors: Anne Skakkebæk, MD, PhD, Philip J. Moore, MS, Simon Chang, MD, Jens Fedder, MD, PhD, and Claus H. Gravholt, MD, DMSc

Date of Publication: July 2017

“…relatively little attention has been paid to QoL in men with KS, or the factors that may determine it. In two studies to date, boys and men with KS were found to have a lower QoL than non-KS males in population-based samples. KS phenotype severity was also negatively associated with QoL among boys. In a third study, KS status was correlated with lower psychosocial well-being, which was associated with lower levels of employment and social support, and greater disease severity.”

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