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Clinic Visit Stipend

The XXYY Project is thrilled to offer a $480 stipend to help up to 10 families per calendar year with the costs to their first visit to an ACRC ( AXYS Clinical and Research Consortium) clinic. This can be used to offset the first visit to a clinic for an individual diagnosed with 48, XXYY.

We ask that you:
1. Be registered with the XXYY Project. Visit https://genetic.org/xxyy-project-family-information-forms/ if you need to register.
2. Complete this application form. You will be notified that we have received your application.
3. After your visit, you will need to complete the reimbursement form for travel and other receipts (doctor bills) so our accountants are assured that this money was indeed used by someone with XXYY to visit an ACRC clinic. The total of the receipts submitted must be greater than or equal to $480.

Clinic Visit Stipend Application Form