2019 AXYS Family Conference Poster Presentations

The effects of androgen treatment on hippocampus structure and its association with spatial memory task performance in boys with Klinefelter syndrome: Vanessa Alschuler

The Relationship of Physical Function and Psychosocial Health on Quality of Life in Patients with 48,XXYY: Amy Blumling

Health Concerns of Women with Trisomy X: Sharron Close

47, XXYY Voices of Patients and Caregivers: Sharron Close

Family Attitudes and Experiences Receiving the Diagnosis of an X & Y Chromosome Variation: Sharron Close

The NIMH Intramural Research Program Study of X and Y Chromosome Variations: Kathleen Wilson

Executive functioning of children and young adults with an additional X chromosome: David J. Marcus and Phebe Albert, Georgia State University, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

Early therapies, school supports, and educational outcomes for students with X & Y variations: Preliminary results from a national survey: Talia Thompson, Susan Howell, Nicole Tartaglia

Eosinophilic Esophagitis Diagnosis in Patients with Sex Chromosome Aneuploidies: Susan Howell, C. Buchanan, H. Miyazawa, G. Furuta, N. Nguyen, Shanlee Davis, Nicole Tartaglia

The eXtraordinarY Babies Study: Preliminary Profile of Neurodevelopmental Skills at the 6 and 12-month visits in infants with Sex Chromosome Trisomy Identified by NIPT: Tanea Tanda, Nicole Tartaglia, Susan Howell, Shanlee Davis, Lisa Cordeiro, Judith Ross, Jennifer Janusz, Talia Thompson, Mariah Brown, C. Harrison, Rebecca Wilson

Association of Motor Skills with Adaptive Functioning in Children with XXY and XXYY Syndromes: Syd Martin, Lisa Cordeiro, P. Richardson, Shanlee Davis, Nicole Tartaglia

Exploring Neuropsychological Skills and Emotion Recognition in Males with XXYY Syndrome: Sophie van Rijn, Nicole Tartaglia, Susan Howell, Lisa Cordeiro, Hillary Weinpahl

Exploring preliminary relationships with adaptive functioning in girls with Trisomy X: Lisa Cordeiro, Kristen Wigby, Kathleen Angkustsiri, Nicole Tartaglia

Characterizing the Anxiety Phenotype in Triple X Syndrome: Rebecca Wilson, Kristen Wigby, Nicole Tartaglia

Evidence for Diminished Ovarian Reserve in Youth with Trisomy X: Nicole Tartaglia, Shanlee Davis, S. Dovey, E. Byers

Effects of Testosterone on Executive Function in Adolescents with Klinefelter Syndrome: Nicole Tartaglia, C. Harrison, Jennifer Janusz, Lisa Cordeiro, Susan Howell, Tanea Tanda, L. Pyle, Richard Boada

Fatness and Fitness in Adolescent Males with Klinefelter Syndrome: Shanlee Davis, G. Coe, A. Herstic, Nicole Tartaglia, Philip Zeitler, K. Nadeau

A Short Course of Testosterone in Infants with 47,XXY Klinefelter Syndrome has Acute Effects on Body Composition: Shanlee Davis, R. Reynolds, Syd Martin, Susan Howell, N. Nokoff, Philip Zeitler, Nicole Tartaglia

Testicular Function in Boys with 47,XYY: Shanlee Davis, Karen Kowal, A. Tahsin, Judith Ross

Adult Specialty Clinics for Sex Chromosome Aneuploidy: A WITH Foundation Grant to AXYS to support development of two pilot models at AXYS Clinic & Research Consortium clinic sites: Ginnie Cover, Carol Meerschaert, Robert Miller, Susan Howell, Nicole Tartaglia, Sharron Close, Amy Talboy