The AXYS community gathers at the conference to learn and to build their support network with others that have their condition, live in their area, have children of a similar age and more. While we all play a role in the success of this conference for all who attend AXYS seeks a variety of volunteers to help with key roles:

  1. Local information guides

We need people familiar with Atlanta to help people choose restaurants for dinner and social activities for their time in Atlanta.

  1. Ambassadors

Ambassadors embody radical hospitality so every conference attendee feels welcome and connected. Greet guests as they arrive. Assure people can find the locations for hotel rooms and facilities. Answer any and all questions.

  1. Registration staff

Staff the registration table, check in conference attendees, distribute t-shirts, name tags and conference materials, and answer questions.

  1. Room monitors

Welcome attendees to each session, assure the speaker has the audiovisual equipment needed for the session and that it is functioning properly. Swiftly notify AXYS staff of any issues. Distribute any handouts. Straighten room after the session to assure it is ready for the next session.

We expect to add more opportunities so check this page often.

Contact our Executive Director Carol Meerschaert to volunteer.