AXYS wants to share our conference with those who cannot attend in person. We know sharing on social media brings our community closer. We know that seeing people with X and Y variations and telling our stories brings awareness that can lead to more research, and supports us by creating a community.

AXYS strongly supports privacy. We do not share the names or any other information of those in our community. We never share our event attendee lists.

We honor those who do not wish to have their photos taken, images appear on video, and voices recorded. We ask each person attending the conference to be keenly aware of this.

Ask permission

If you want to photograph, video or otherwise capture portions of the conference:

  • Always ask permission before taking a photo
  • Inform all if you intend to post the image on social media
  • Graciously accept no as an answer if someone does not want to be in the image
  • Happily delete photos/videos where someone who did not wish to be photographed is accidently included.

Social media

Please use #axysofficial

And consider these Hashtags as well:

#klinefeltersyndrome #47xxy #xxy #jacobssyndrome #xxyysyndrome #xxyyproject #xxxy #xxxxy #trisomyx #tetrasomyx #pentasomyx